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Startland News Feature: Diversity Talks

Startup Transforms Students into Teachers for Educators’ Diversity Training

"“A lot of people say there’s not a correlation between student-teacher relations and suspension rate,” Butler said. “But I have a very strong belief that there is. If there were stronger relationships between teachers and students, suspension rates would go down.”

Participating in this workshop aligns with Diversity Talks’ mission, she said. The startup is currently seeking partnerships with school districts that have high suspension rates, high chronic absenteeism rates for students and teachers, high teacher turnover and a student-teacher diversity gap."

Butler Selected as a Speaker for 2017 TEDxProvidence

On September 30, 2017, Kiara Butler will be sharing her story- The Untold Truth, as a speaker at TEDxProvidence .  Stories will be shared about Past Present Future, focused on
learning from the past, experiencing and influencing the present, and creating our